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"Pet Zounds"

Ten years in the making, this is a track for track cover of the Beach Boy's classic "Pet Sounds" recorded entirely with a Yamaha QY-100 and a microphone. A labor of love that will make you fall in love with GoLab all over again.

"Day Dream"

So good it hurts. Out 2011.

"Strangle Holds"

GoLab's 2009 sophomore album expands on the sounds explored on Simplicity Banquet, with a slightly more aggressive tone. Includes a new take on the classic Billy Joel song, Pressure.

"Simplicity Banquet"

Golab is the solo effort of Joel roberts, co-founder of Ohio New-Wave outfit Stylex. With a mix of Beach-boys style harmonies, vintage synthesizers, Casio keyboards and a variety of acoustic instruments, "Simplicity Banquet's" songs are as unique and catchy as they are haunting.

For fans of Hot Chip, Of Monteral, Headphones and Enon.

All even numbered songs were composed and performed on a NINTENDO Gameboy.


Drastic Plastic says: "Twenty-nine inventive pop ditties accompanied by a barrage of Pong era keyboards. Reminiscent of a romantic They Might Be Giants, other times a bathetic Brainiac."

Clamor Magazine says: "An impossibly ingenious blend of synthetic melody and organic creepiness."

  goLab Simplicity Banquet
Pet Zounds

goLab Simplicity Banquet
Day Dream

goLab Simplicity Banquet
Strangle Holds

goLab Simplicity Banquet
Simplicity Banquet

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