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"Tropical Monsters"
Street Date April 29, 2009

With their debut, Tropical Monsters, the Tropical Dudes present you with a glimpse into their twisted minds. A beautiful, genre bending, hit-filled album full of bizarre lyrical inspirations, undulating synthesizers and surprising beats.

The Tropical Dudes began recording during college with a pile of old Casio keyboards, in 1997. After several trips to Point Pleasant, WV (home of the famed Moth Man), the two became obsessed with the supernatural. Several years and several succesful bands later, they started track trading between Toledo and Columbus, Ohio via email.

"there's an incredible sense of mystery present in these works... visionary lyrics...narrative yet mysteriously delicious... Like the baby bear's porridge of narrative. something is going on, but what is it, right?" -Gary / CETM

Drawing from books on the occult, a large collection of synthesizers, and fueled by malt liquor, they formed the Tropical Dudes and recorded Tropical Monsters.

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Tropical Dudes
Tropical Monsters

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